Ad Films

Our team has the expertise to handle all types of Ad film requirements. These ad films can be published at TV channels, Internet, Website, Local news channel, Exhibitions, Expos and Theaters. This will surely help out to reach a vast audience.

Corporate Filmss

We are a corporate film production house in Mumbai that ensures that your audience not only understands your message but also retains it. Our expertise in conceptualization, branding, cinematography and editing means that your corporate video production will always be a class apart.

Product Demonstration Videos

If you have a complicated product to showcase, product videos is the way to go. The video can be made more memorable with narratives and metaphors.

Internal Communication & Training Films

From on boarding policies to training employees on how to use internal software, videos can be leveraged for internal communication and training.

Web and Viral Videos

Online videos that are sent via email and posted on social media sites are the rage. They are the new form of media. Viral videos are as popular nowadays as chain emails and can spread your message like wildfire if you have a catchy, memorable, controversial or shocking video.

Graphic Animation Videos

We can make great animation videos. Every animation needs a concept, a script, a story board and a well-designed look & feel. Our team succeeds in marrying the strict rules of the corporate guidelines with creative and sophisticated design. Building texture maps and scenery, developing characters if need be.


We make Radio jingles and Radio ads as per customer requirement. We also help to buy air time to broadcast Radio Jingles and ads.


We make testimonial videos for your products services. Recommendation from a celebrity or a satisfied customer affirming the performance, quality, and/or value of a product or service. Testimonials are one of the most potent tools of marketing.


We have a well equipped editing set up for post production work. We edit all types of video including commercial and personal videos.


Our team will help you deliver your message in a documentary in a most compelling style with full-service video production. Documentaries can be of great use to NGOs, Manufacturing Industry, Medical Industry, IT industry and companies for ISO certification.


We can help you to create short films, with all the professional expertise. These can be used for personal Purposes, to showcase at a film festival or film competitions. IKON productions will help you transform your ideas and stories into reality. Our experienced crew will make sure that the quality of our production will exceed your vision.


IKON productions can deliver your story in a compelling style with a full-service video production. We create Films that inspires the imagination and captivates your audience.


We have a in house dubbing infrastructure and Voice-over artists on our payroll for dubbing work. We also do sub- titling work in a multiple languages.


We have in-house skills to make info-graphics videos. Info graphics is used for statistical data representation in corporate presentation.


Our in-house multidisciplinary team and digital infrastructure allows us to create Promotional videos as per the client requirement.


Professional music videos are no longer the exclusive domain of Sony Records and the big names ,We make professional, high-definition music video. In addition to our music recording facilities, we also offer bands full-service music video production. We pride ourselves on producing MTV-quality, high-definition performance music videos in our beautiful studios at a reasonable cost.


We make videos which can be used to propagate Public awareness messages, Social messages , Educational messages, Fundraising initiatives, Organ donation, Environmental public awareness, Public health awareness, Human Rights etc.


Teaser Video used for the initiation of an advertising campaign, a teaser video will reveal only a little about the advertiser or the product. Its purpose is to create excitement, gain attention, and expectations through consumer curiosity. For teaser video to succeed, they must be widely publicized through several or all media vehicles.


We can make Induction films or Videos, which becomes mandatory when your company has regular intake of employees. Slide shows on big projections can bring out bigger yawns. When a set of new employees are put to visual treat where they get to see the greatness of the company that they have chosen to work with followed by instructions for them the result should be undoubtedly amazing.


This package converts complex ideas into viewer friendly easy to digest bites. Drum into audiences what it is that you offer and it conveys business in animated ways on why prospects should be concerned.